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What kind of training do you do?2021-08-06T13:27:26+00:00

At JS Fitness & Wellness, we cater towards our clients needs. First, we perform assessments, mobility movements, stabilization-focused exercises, and other techniques to prepare your body to move. Once we’re good with mobility, we will work on primary movements like Squats, Presses, Hip-Hinges, Rows, and more. After proper form is excited, we get into strength training! We will perform movements using, Dumbbell, Resistance Bands, Barbells and bumper plates, TRX Suspension Trainer, and more! Our workouts are often Strength focused, with multiple movements paired together to keep your heart rate up.

How do I book Small-Group Specials?2021-07-21T08:14:43+00:00

To book a Small Group Special, all you need to do is find an open Hour Spot, and find a friend! From there, you and your friend will each purchase a half-hour session, and schedule them back-to-back! For example, if you and your friend wanted to do a group from 8-9am, one of you would book from 8-8:30am, and the other would book 8:30am-9am.

What is JS Fitness & Wellness?2021-08-06T13:27:13+00:00

JS Fitness & Wellness is a Private Personal Training/Small Group Training Studio located in Collingswood, New Jersey.

Can you help me lose weight? If so, how?2021-07-21T08:11:50+00:00

I would certainly love to help! Here is our approach at JS Fitness & Wellness. First, you will come in, and we will sit down and talk. We will paint a really clear picture of exactly what it is that you want to achieve. From there, we will set up a plan for you to achieve that based on our conversation. Our belief is this- the foundation of success is consistency. We try to help you setup a realistic, effective plan that you can sustain for a while if not the rest of your life!

What is your availability?2021-07-21T08:12:28+00:00

We are available for appointments on Mondays between 1:30-9pm, Tuesdays between 5am-4pm, Wednesday’s between 1:30-9pm, Thursdays 5am-6pm, and Saturdays from 7am-1pm!

How do I book a session?2021-07-21T08:13:11+00:00

Simply click our ‘Book Now’ feature, look for available times that fit your schedule, purchase your session, and you are booked! If you ever have any questions on that, please email us @

Should I do Half-Hour Sessions?2021-07-21T08:14:08+00:00

This answer is purely based on your goal! For most people, we suggest this. Start out with Half-hour sessions! Oftentimes, they are a great place to start. Once you feel like you are ready, you can challenge yourself more and increase to the hours!

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